GP AGRICULTURAL SUPPLIES is a private Tanzanian company based in Dodoma Tanzania. The company was founded primarily to promote and facilitate agricultural commodities by distributing agricultural products and byproducts to local businesses (such as local retail stores or industries) and by exporting from Tanzania. The company possesses the necessary strengths and connections to procure, process and supply a wide variety of products. The company applies ethical business practices and ensures both parties in the supply chain including small scale farmers benefit from their sweat by helping them to sustainably access external markets.

We also provide professional brokerage services to our customers in order to ensure maximum satisfaction and transparent transactions. Our philosophy is based on customer service –all of our employees provide a high level of customer service to ensure that we meet and exceed their expectations throughout the whole entire process. We take care of all the hard work for you by offering a complete service package (sourcing the product, Packaging and deliver them to their doors).

We take care of the fact that customer satisfaction is very important in addition, we strive to maintain the proper hygiene and quality during each stages of preparation until they are packed and dispatched. We have established excellent business relationship with leading logistic companies operating in Tanzania. Special packaging is done for safe and easy transportation in stipulated time frame. Quality management and time affiance are key elements we pride ourselves of. Our supply chain is reliable and effective in delivering quality products on time.


GPAGRICULTURAL SUPPLIES has established a well-managed supply chain which focuses on procuring quality agro products from farmers and markets all around Tanzania. Managed supply chain helps us on providing better price to our customers and allowing us to deliver orders more quickly on time which increases our customer satisfaction. Cleaning and packaging of the products are constantly monitored and maintained by trained staffs, so that the products can reach high standards and maximum value can be delivered to our customers.


We offer our products at a very competitive price and we are committed towards product quality, safety, consistency, and utmost reliability. Our company is trustworthy, an innovative and we are dedicated on establishing long-term business relationship by offering better performance of our products and carefully management of supply chain.


Our vision is to be the regions’ preferred agro products supplier by carefully selecting high-quality products and services that satisfy our customers’ needs and to preserve and enhance our reputation for integrity through all our actions. We are looking to make this happen through better perception of business dynamics and closer interaction and partnerships with our customers.


To be the leading suppliers of the widest range of quality agro products and provide consistent good customer service and also work closely with our logistics partners to ensure timely delivery in a cost-effective manner.