Maize bran



Maize bran is the byproduct of flour or grits manufacture from maize grain (Zea mays L.). It consists principally of outer skins, some germ fragments, and endosperm particles. Maize bran is an extremely variable product.

Maize bran has a relatively low protein content varying between 9 and 15% of DM, higher than maize grain but lower than corn distillers and corn gluten feed. Fibre content (crude fiber 5-20% DM, NDF 20-60% DM) tends to be higher than for other maize by-products, and much more variable. Protein and cell wall content are poorly related in maize bran, but crude fiber and ash are positively related.

Maize brans are primarily used as sources of energy for ruminants. They are less expensive than maize grain and, depending on their chemical composition, their nutritional value may allow a performance slightly lower, equal to, or even better than the whole grain.